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Keep drivers up to date

Question: Keep your drivers up to date is the next thing you should think about after updating your operating system. Having the latest drivers help to keep your computer running smoothly, secure and also compatible with other devices. But checking if you have the latest drivers weekly is a very idiotic thing to do. So how can I automatically know if there is a driver update?

Answer: There is a program program called ‘Driver Agent‘ which can automatically detect if you have a driver that is out of date. Although this program is not free and costs $24.95 (this is a special offer for PC World readers – all you have to do is to subscribe to one of their newsletters via email), it such a time saver.

But the good thing is that you now get a free scan! This free scan will detect if you have any old drivers. ‘Driver Agent’ is compatible even with Vista. To get your free scan please click HERE

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Why simple bundled Windows software is good

A lot of software is shipped with our operating system. I find the most comes from Windows XP. However, apart from all those junk trail software where you can’t really use them without purchasing them, there are actually quite a lot of really useful programs. Most of these useful ones are not third-party programs, they are from Microsoft. One great example is ‘Paint’. Paint comes standard with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Although it does not offer any serious pro tools but it is very easy to use and is enough for a lot of purposes. I use Paint all the time for doing Print-Screens and then copying it into Paint and then do a bit of editing with Paint and sometimes with Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can also do this job is Adobe Photoshop. However, you will have to spend a few hundred bucks and for starters, Photoshop can be very complicated to use and learn. So if you are one of those people who write-off simple applications like Paint that comes standard with your PC, I want you to try using them for some simple purposes and see how you go. 

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Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007

Question: Should I upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007? Is it a worthy upgrade? What should I know before I upgrade and is my computer capable to run it?

Answer: There wasn’t much difference between Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003/XP. The user interface was very similar and only slight improvements in functionality. However, Office 2007 is a big change. In fact I think it is the only Office suite that is worthy to upgrade. Personally, yes, I do think you should upgrade. But please make sure that you qualify for the system requirements. I personally recommend 1GB of RAM and a minimum of 10-15GB of space hard drive space.
However, if you are a happy with what you have and don’t need anything more, you don’t have to upgrade. But I do recommend you to take Office 2007 for a test drive. This test drive is not a trail and you do not have to download anything. The free test drive is an online version of Office 2007 in which you can learn and test out the features and what you can do. This is the best way to determine whether you should upgrade or not. Click HERE to take the test drive.

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Review History of Installed Windows Updates

Question: How can I see a list of the Windows Updates I have already installed on my computer?

Answer: You can view a history list of the installed Windows Updates by doing the following:

Windows Vista: 1) Open Windows Update by clicking on the Start Button. Click on ‘All Programs‘ and then ‘Windows Update‘.
2) In the left sidebar of the Windows Update window, click ‘View Update History‘. There, you will be able to see a list of all Windows Updates installed.

Windows XP 1) Open Internet Explorer and click on ‘Tools’. Int he drop-down menu, click on ‘Windows Update’.
2) Wait for the wait to load and then choose ‘Custom‘. Wait for the page to load. Then in the left sidebar, click on ‘History‘.

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Freeware of the week:Mz Ultimate Tweaker

This week’s freeware pick is called ‘Mz Ultimate Tweaker’. This free program will help to optimize your computer for better performance and productivity. Some things that it does and have are: Hardware tweaks, system tweaks, internet Booster, WMP tweaks, Clean up tools and much more.

Also, this program is certified and received a four star rating from Softpedia.

Please note that this program is only for Windows XP. An equivalent program for Windows Vista will be published next week. For a much more detailed review that looks into the heart of Mz Ultimate Tweaker and the download page, please click HERE

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Pin programs to start menu

Question: How do I pin a program to the start menu so that every time I click the Start button, a short cut for the program will appear.

Answer: You can pin a program tot he start menu by doing the following:
1) Browse through the programs list and right-click the program that you want to the pinned.
2) Click on ‘Pin to Start Menu‘.

The selected program should be now pinned to the Start Menu.

Pin to start menu 1Pin to start menu 2

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Freeware of the week: FreeRAM XP Pro

This week’s freeware pick is ‘FreeRAM XP Pro’. This program is to free and optimize your computer’s RAM which will increase your system performance and productivity. It also automatically configures itself for ease of use and also features advanced options. FreeRAM XP Pro is very easy to use and is suitable for both starters and experts. Also, has given FreeRAM XP Pro a rating of 5 stars out of 5! Below are just some of the great features:

* Automatic, real-time memory monitoring and optimization
* Fast, threaded memory freeing with stop option
* AutoFree option intelligently optimizes RAM without sacrificing performance
* system metric and performance monitors
* Advanced tray support
* Memory reporting and diagnostic logging — Plus much more.

To go to FreeRAM XP Pro, please click HERE

FreeRAM Xp Pro 1

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