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Fantastic piece of Ribbon!

Although there are quite a lot of significant changes to Microsoft Word 2007, the main one is the Ribbon. As you probably know, the Ribbon is new to any Office application and replaces the previous ‘File’, ‘Edit’…etc with a set of new menus called ‘Home’, ‘Insert’, Page Layout’, References’, ‘Mailings’, Review’, ‘View’ and ‘Add-ons’.So basically the Ribbon is a new Menu with visual icons of features and functions. If you still don’t understand, then take a look at this screenshot of the Ribbon. The second screenshot is of the old Word 2003 menu. Take a look at the difference. (Click to enlarge)

Word 2003 and 2007 Menu comparisonThe Ribbon is absolutely excellent to use and work with, especially for less computer literate users. With the Ribbon, you can now visually see the features and functions that you can use. A lot of basic users will probably say ‘Wow, Microsoft must have added a lot of new features to Word 2007’. But actually, there aren’t many new features at all. Most of them were already there is Word 2003. But the problem was that many people do not realize that the features were even there. And that’s exactly what the Ribbon is for; to show users the features available. Personally, I think Microsoft has done a very good job with the Ribbon.The Ribbon is not only present in Word 2007 but also across many other Office 2007 applications such as PowerPoint.

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Next Companion Guide Series: Computing in the Clouds

This is an overview of the next companion guide series which will be named, ‘Computing in the clouds’. This series of articles will be about the applications and services available on the web and also working on the net.

computing in the couds 1computing in the clouds 2computing in the clouds 3

There maybe a fourth part to the series. As soon as I decide to write up a fourth part, I will update this article.

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Sorry for a week of absence!

I am very sorry for not posting for a week. Also some readers that tried to view this blog in the past week were unable to view it because it was accidentally banned. But now it is recovered and I will try my best to post as much as I can this week.

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Change Vista Start Menu/Programs List view

Question: I don’t like the Windows Vista Start Menu and the programs list view. I want to change it to the classic style. (And also how the programs list pop up)

Solution: To to this, you left-click the Start menu button and click on ‘Properties‘. On the ‘Start Menu‘ tab, select the ‘Classic Start Menu‘. Click ‘OK‘ or ‘Apply‘.

NOTE: If you want to switch back to the new Windows Start Menu look, repeat the operations listed above, but this time, select the ‘Start Menu‘.

Start Menu Options

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