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How I got a Google PageRank 5 in 3 months

In the previous post, I talked about Tech Help Videos getting a PageRank 5 in 3 months time. (This blog is only 3 months old) And what is more interesting is that I got a PR 5 in one go. Strategic Internet Marketing and a few other people emailed me to write a post about how I did this. So here is it is. But I am no John Chow so I am not an expert but here is what I did.

1) Quality content – Having high quality content is very important. If you do not have good content, then you will not have much traffic. This rule goes especially to blogs or sites that have a special purpose or a commercial website or blog. Also, others may link your post or blog about it if they really liked your post. If you have people linking your blog or your posts, then this is a very good sign.

2) No banner and text link ads – I do not sell any text link ads nor any banner ads on this site. Of course most people would like to make some money with a blog, but it will hurt your user experience a bit. However, if you arrange your ads in a very logical and clever way, it will be fine. Another reason why I do not have any ads is because I am running on the free WordPress platform. They do not allow me to have ads but I contacted WordPress and they said that they are working on an upgrade package to allow ads. However, even if I am allow to embed ads, I will not use them.

3) Controlled – Tech Help Videos is a very controlled site. I do not have any crazy looking thing sticking out in the sidebar nor does it have any disturbing things in the articles.

4) Commenting – I actually do comment a lot on other blogs. Some blogs that I comment on are:

However, I am NOT a guy who just sits in front of computer and comment all day. About 10 minutes a day will be fine. From my traffic status reports, I get traffic from the sites I comment on everyday.

[I will continue to improve and add to this article]

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My Google PageRank is 5! I’m beating top bloggers!

I checked my Google Pagerank and it read ‘5′. I was very surprised and and excited. Tech Help Videos is about three months old and to get a Pagerank of 5 is a great achievement. My next goal would be to either maintain this rank or increase it to 6.

Page Rank 5_1

Top bloggers get slapped in the face!

Unlike mine, many top bloggers got their Google Pagerank reduced. The top blogs include


John Chow dot com PR 6 to 4

Engadget PR 7 to 5

Quick Online Tips PR 6 to 3

Web Tools Collection

It seems that the reason for this decrease is due the the blogs/sites selling text links. And this does make some sense. For a detailed article on why selling links can hurt your Pagerank, please click HERE. I don’t sell links, nor do I sell any ads. I want my readers to get the best possible user experience. That is without any annoying pop ups and without any kind of ads.

Update – There seems to be an error with Google Pagerank for some sites/blogs. Some blogs got their Pagerank decreased at first but back to normal now. The blogs that was affect by this error included:

ProbloggerPR 6 to 4 PR 6

CopyBloggerPR 6 to 3 PR 7

UPDATE – Becuase I haven’t updated this blog for a long time, the PR has dropped.

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Review History of Installed Windows Updates

Question: How can I see a list of the Windows Updates I have already installed on my computer?

Answer: You can view a history list of the installed Windows Updates by doing the following:

Windows Vista: 1) Open Windows Update by clicking on the Start Button. Click on ‘All Programs‘ and then ‘Windows Update‘.
2) In the left sidebar of the Windows Update window, click ‘View Update History‘. There, you will be able to see a list of all Windows Updates installed.

Windows XP 1) Open Internet Explorer and click on ‘Tools’. Int he drop-down menu, click on ‘Windows Update’.
2) Wait for the wait to load and then choose ‘Custom‘. Wait for the page to load. Then in the left sidebar, click on ‘History‘.

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Take the Quiz!

Are you living under a rock? Why not find out? Click HERE to take the test.

9-10 – You are not living under a rock, you are alive!

7-8 – Yes, you are living under a rock.

6 and below – Not only are you living under a rock, but you are almost dead!

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Extra Protection and Freebies

Security Guide Part 4Apart from the usual security suite that you install on your PC to prevent viruses and spys, there are also many other protections in which you can take. In fact, there is nearly infinite number of small little freebies and programs that will enhance your safety. If there are ‘infinite’ of those freebies and security enhancements, then choosing the right ones can be quite a confusing chore to do. Also, you need to consider if the program is worth installing. If it doesn’t do much, then do no install it because you should try and keep your PC as clean as possible.

Supervision and control – To be able to supervise and have control is very important. This is critical if your children own a computer or regularly surfs the web. For these kinds of purposes, I recommend Windows Live Family Safety. Here is what this service will do:
Ban certain websites and filter what they view.
Know who your child has been emailing to, IM and blogging.
Filter out their search results
Track their usage data plus more
Note: You and your children will need a Windows Live ID each. To sign up please click HERE.

Pop-up blocker and phishing filter – Both of these should come standard with your web browser. To be sure, you should use the latest version of any web browser. I recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer. Both of these have a pop-up blocker and a phishing filter. In addition, some free toolbars offer a phishing filter.

Firewall – Having a strong firewall is essential. This will block unwanted installation of programs that might harm your computer. Basically, it will shield you against weird stuff and the world wide network.

Email Attachments and fake emails – Be careful when opening an email attachment from someone you do not know. You never know, one click on the attachment or link could lead you to serious trouble. In addition, learn to depict fake emails. If you are a little suspicious of an email, do not open it. For example, I recently received a fake PayPal email saying that I had to respond to them in 24 hours or my account would be canceled. Take a look at the email below:

Dear Member,
Your PayPal Account Information Have Problems.
If your problems could not be resolved your account will be closed for a period of 24 hours, after this period your account will be closed. Click on the link below. If nothing happens when you click on the link (or if you use AOL), copy and paste the link into the address bar of your web browser.

Problem ID Number: PP-34-103-876

How I knew that it was fake? 1) PayPal would never email me address me as ‘Member’, they would use my name. 2)It is totally absurd that in 24 hours my account will be closed. 3)I have done nothing that will cause this problem. 4)The email was caught in the Spam folder. — And to the person who sent this fake email to me, I would like to say ‘good try but you were not good enough, think I am dumb enough to be tricked by your little tricks? Think again, we are not as dumb as you!’

Don’t go to bad sites – This is one of the most important rule. Just don’t visit a bad site!! Do you understand?

Backups – Having copies and backups of your data will prevent you from loosing your work and data. You can either do backups with a portable hard drive or use an online backup service. But remember, if you do not have a fast internet connection, then do not use online backups. However, if you plan to use a online backup service, try out Mozy, Carbonite or

Updates – Remember to update your computer’s software also its operating system (Windows Update). Please note that updates are there for a reason, not just to eat up your internet usage data! To prevent forgetting to do Windows Updates, set it to auto mode. For other software that you have, the update option is usually in the ‘Help’ button in the main menu.

Personal note: I use and recommend Windows Vista. It by far the best Windows Operating system and safer. For a great Vista Security guide please click HERE

For a useful list of 100 network security tools click HERE

And this concludes the Security Guide series. I hope you learnt something from the guide. The next series will be about Using online services such as Backups, file storage and sharing. So stay tuned!

If there is anything that you think is worth mentioning or I have left out, please leave a comment or send me an email. I would really appreciate it.   

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Security Guide Series: Intro – The risks and dangers

Security Guide part 1 logoThe internet is a great thing and I am sure that nearly all people cannot live without it. But along with the advantages, it has also brought us that problem of Internet Security. Now days, you need that take extra precautions on the net. In addition, internet security does not only include the risks of getting viruses and spyware, it is also about your children exposing their personal information and identify on the web.

You can get internet virus in a numerous of ways. Some common ones are from downloading files, opening attachments, visiting bad websites, etc. Computer viruses can cause you to lose valuable data and cause your computer to not function properly. Although Spyware so not cause harm to your computer straight away, it can just sit in the background of your computer and track down all the activities happening on your computer and even steal your information such as password. In addition, these irritating virus and spyware have become very hard to entirely be cleaned these days. Although, your Security scanner said that the virus or spy has been deleted, you never know, it could still be sleeping in the background. So the best way to prevent this from happening is to not let the virus or spyware get into your computer in the first place.

Another bug concern about online safely is children exposing their personal information onto he web. In my opinion, you should never give out your real identity on the web unless that you absolutely sure that it is safe. Do not just assume that it will be OK, because it will not!

Online shopping is another concern. Number one is that you are exposing your personal information and number is that you are exposing your credit card number. However, it has now become much more safer. In addition, your could use extra safely tools and enhancements for better protection.

In the next article, I will be writing about ‘How to Protect your PC’. Stay tuned!

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Allow a program through Windows Firewall

Question: How do I allow a program through Windows Firewall?

Answer: You can allow a program through Windows Firewall by doing the following:

1) Click on ‘Control Panel‘ and then ‘Security Centre‘ or ‘Windows Firewall‘. (If you clicked on Windows Firewall, skip step 2 and go onto 3)
2) Click on ‘Windows Firewall‘.
3) Then click on ‘Allow a program through Windows Firewall‘ in the left hand sidebar. (In Windows Vista, you will be prompted with the User Account Control)
4) In the pop-up window (You should be in the Expections tab), tick the program that you want to allow through the Firewall. If the program that you want is not listed in the scroll down menu, then click on the ‘Add Program‘ button and then add the program that you would like. Make sure that the program is ticked after you added it and then click ‘OK

Windows Firewall Settings_exceptions

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New Series: Companion Guide to Technology

There will be a new series of Companion Guide articles on this blog. These articles will be in parts and is aimed at helping you with everyday computing and a better experience on the net.

The first article will be published before the 8th of September 2007. This series will be about Internet Security.

Security Guide part 1 logo Secuirty Guide part 2 logoSecurity Guide Part 3 logoSecurity Guide Part 4

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Freeware of the week:Microsoft Shareview

This week’s freeware pick is Microsoft Shareview. Shareview is a remote desktop program. It will allow you to collaborate and share your applications and your whole desktop. The user interface is easy to use and and learn. You will be required to have a Windows Live ID to use it. Broadband internet connection is recommended but dial-up speeds are still usable (it will be pretty slow) and it is not recommended for a old and slow machine. (This program is currently in beta but quite stable of use)

For a more detailed review of Microsoft Shareview, please click HERE

Shareview 2Shareview 1Shareview bar

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Create Web links for easy access to websites

Question: I need to frequently or daily visit a particular website. Is there a way in which I can easily access a particular site at the click of a button?

Answer: Yes, you can set up some links and place them in your web browser for easy access.

Links fo Internet Explorer 8For Internet Explorer 7 users: Once the website you want to link has been loaded, add the website to your favourites under the ‘Links’ folder. (You now should be able to see the link that you have created on the Links Bar at the top. If you do not see the links bar, right click on the tabs bar underneath the menu bar where you type the URL. In the drop-down menu, click on links.

Links for FirefoxFor Firefox users: Once the website you want to link has been loaded, drag the title or logo of the site to the Links Bar. (The Links Bar is just underneath and menu bar where you type the URL) After dragging the website name/logo, you should see a short phrase that will direct you to that particular website when you click it.

If the above method does not work, please click on the ‘Bookmarks’ button in the top menu and add the website to a folder that says ‘Bookmarks Toolbar Folder’

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