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Mark an email read/unread in Gmail or Hotmail

Question: How do I mark a read email unread in Gmail or Hotmail?

Answer: You can mark a read email message unread by doing the following:

For Gmail — 1) Log into Gmail account and select or tick the messages that you want to be marked as read or unread.
2) Click ‘More Actions‘. In the drop down menu, click ‘mark as read‘ to make the select item/s as read mails or click ‘mark as unread‘ to make the selected item/s as unread mail.

For Hotmail — 1) Log into Hotmail account and tick the messages that you want to be marked as unread.
2) Then click the ‘Mark as unread‘ button located in the actions/menu bar.

(I am not sure if Hotmail allows you to mark a message read, when I find out I will update this post)

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Change Windows Live Hotmail to Classic

Question: How do I change my full version of Windows Live Hotmail to the classic version? Note: classic version is not the old MSN Hotmail. The interface will change a bit from the full version and it is better for slow connections.

Answer: You can change the full version of Windows Live Hotmail to the classic version by logging-in first and then on then click on the link ‘ You’re using the full version of Windows Live Hotmail. Not fast enough? Try the classic version’.

Follow the steps and you will be converted to the classic version.

Change to classic

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How do I change my Hotmail Alternate E-mail Address?

Question: How do I change my Hotmail Alternate E-mail Address?

Solution: You change your Hotmail Alternate email address by doing the following:
1) Log into your Hotmail account.
2) Click ‘Options‘ which is located at the top right hand corner under the main Windows Live Menu bar. In the drop down menu, click on ‘More Options‘.
3) Under Manage your account, click on ‘View and Edit your personal information‘. (You can be prompted to re-enter your password)
4) In the box that has all your information listed, you should see the words, ‘Alternate Email address‘. Click on ‘Change
5) Enter the necessary information and details such as your password and your new alternate email address. Then, click ‘OK‘.

Hotmail OptionsAlternate email address form

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Forward your email from one account to another (Hotmail)

Question: How can I forward my email from one Windows Live Hotmail to another Hotmail account?

NOTE: Free Hotmail accounts can only forward their email to another Hotmail account. Whereas paid Hotmail accounts can forward their email to many other services like Gmail and Yahoo web Mail.

Solution: To forward your email in Hotmail to another Hotmail account, do the following:

1) Sign into your Hotmail account and make sure that you are using Windows Live Hotmail (not MSN Hotmail).
2)Click on the ‘Options‘ button located on the right side just under the main menu bar. In the drop-down menu, click on ‘More Options‘.
3) Under the ‘Manage your Account‘ heading, click on the ‘Forward mail to another e-mail account‘ link. Tick the option that says ‘Forward your mail to the following e-mail addresses‘. Insert the email address that you want to forward your mail to and click ‘OK‘.
4) Verify that you want to forward your mail to another account by signing into the account that you want your mail to be forwarded to and you will see an email that that wants you verify the operation. Open that email and click on the link in the email and then sign into your account and your email will automatically be forward to your new account. (The process of forwarding email may take awhile)

Video demo of ‘How to forward email to another account (Hotmail) will be published in 3 hours after this post.  

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Delete a paid Hotmail account (Premium version)

Question: How do I delete my paid version of Windows Live Hotmail?

Solution: To delete your paid version of Windows Live Hotmail, you have to end your subscription before closing your account. To end your subscription: (Please note, according to a reader who commented on this post, the following method of cancelling your account does not work. But the reader has provided a phone number for solving this issue. Read the comment here)

  1. Visit the Microsoft Billing and Account Management website, and then sign in with the e-mail address that you want to cancel.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to close your Windows Live Hotmail account.


  • If your subscription expires or if you cancel your paid service, your Windows Live Hotmail account reverts to a free account. You can still use this free Windows Live Hotmail account, but your account will be reduced to 5 gigabytes (GB).
  • If you want to cancel your free account after you’ve canceled your paid subscription, follow the steps to close a free Windows Live Hotmail account.

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Delete your free Hotmail account

Question: How can I delete my free Hotmail account?(New version: Windows Live Hotmail)

Solution: You can delete your Hotmail account through two ways:
1)If you have made up your mind and definitely want your account deleted, please click on this link – ‘Delete Hotmail Account‘. But before clicking on the link, remember to log in first. Once directed to that page, click on ‘Close Account’ and follow the screen instructions.

2) This is another way to delete your account, but a very slow one. For the new version of Hotmail (With the new interface), there is a time-out period of 120days. If you do not sign-in for another 90 days added onto the 120 days (Which equals a total of 210 days), your account will be permanently deleted. So you could just not use/log-in to your account for 210 days your account will be permanently deleted.

September 1, 2007 at 3:13 am 68 comments

Cannot add my webmail account to Outlook Express/Windows Mail

Question: I cannot add my web mail account such as Gmail and Hotmail to Outlook Express in Windows XP or Windows Mail in Vista.

Solution: This is because Microsoft is going to replace both Outlook Express and Windows Mail with a new email client called Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is currently in beta but is available for download. Although in beta, it is quite stable to use. Windows Live Mail has a new and modern user interface while adding bundles of new features and integrates much better with your other Windows Live Services. For a detailed review of Windows Live Mail (beta), please click HERE or for screenshots, please click HERE

To download Windows Live Mail, please click HERE
(Windows Live Mail Update: Microsoft will be rolling out a suite of free software that will include Windows Live Mail)

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