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Freeware of the week:Microsoft Shareview

This week’s freeware pick is Microsoft Shareview. Shareview is a remote desktop program. It will allow you to collaborate and share your applications and your whole desktop. The user interface is easy to use and and learn. You will be required to have a Windows Live ID to use it. Broadband internet connection is recommended but dial-up speeds are still usable (it will be pretty slow) and it is not recommended for a old and slow machine. (This program is currently in beta but quite stable of use)

For a more detailed review of Microsoft Shareview, please click HERE

Shareview 2Shareview 1Shareview bar

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Cannot add my webmail account to Outlook Express/Windows Mail

Question: I cannot add my web mail account such as Gmail and Hotmail to Outlook Express in Windows XP or Windows Mail in Vista.

Solution: This is because Microsoft is going to replace both Outlook Express and Windows Mail with a new email client called Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is currently in beta but is available for download. Although in beta, it is quite stable to use. Windows Live Mail has a new and modern user interface while adding bundles of new features and integrates much better with your other Windows Live Services. For a detailed review of Windows Live Mail (beta), please click HERE or for screenshots, please click HERE

To download Windows Live Mail, please click HERE
(Windows Live Mail Update: Microsoft will be rolling out a suite of free software that will include Windows Live Mail)

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Freeware Pick of the week:Windows Live Writer!

Windows Live Writer is a desktop blogging client. It allows you to add multiple blog accounts. The client is easy to use and has bundles of features. You can add pictures, videos, links, emotions, tables, etc. In addition, you can save drafts, see your posting history, restore articles, view html code, view web view, add tags, add little gadgets and much more. There is all the editing features (Plus a inbuilt spell check) and the things that you expect plus a few little extra neat features.

My Rating — 4 out of 5! 

To download Windows Live Writer, click this link –

Windows Live WriterWindows Live Writer Sign in

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