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I’m back!

I’m back! I’m back with an Internet connection. Previously I used an ISP called Internode in Australia. Now I have switched to Exetel. Also, I have switched from ADSL 1 to ADSL 2 which means I will experience faster speeds.
My time at Internode was excellent. I received the best service and support. Everything was done like it should. However, I felt that I was getting a little less for my money. But for those who live in Australia, I do recommend Internode.
Also, this will mean this regular posts will resume. Yahoo!!


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Attention all readers

From today to the 11th of October (2007) I will be without an Internet connection. I am switching ISP. Without an Internet connection, I will not be able to post any articles. I may go to my friend’s house to post but I cannot guarantee this. So expect the worse.

But I will still be writing articles in these 10 days. When my Internet connection is back, I will post all the articles I have written.


The author, Michael

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Site Report: Why the slow traffic?

I don’t know why but I am getting very low traffic since yesterday. I normally have 100-200 visitors daily but yesterday, the figures dropped to 69! I was totally shocked! And today, I received even less traffic! What’s going on? I don’t know the answer to this question. If you do, please tell me by making a comment.

[This is a blog status post]

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Take the Quiz!

Are you living under a rock? Why not find out? Click HERE to take the test.

9-10 – You are not living under a rock, you are alive!

7-8 – Yes, you are living under a rock.

6 and below – Not only are you living under a rock, but you are almost dead!

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New ‘What I Use’ section!

I am been receiving quite a few emails asking me what software and services I use. So I have created a new What I Use page containing all the applications and services I use. This list will be frequently updated too. Click on ‘What I Use’ in the main Menu.

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New Series: Companion Guide to Technology

There will be a new series of Companion Guide articles on this blog. These articles will be in parts and is aimed at helping you with everyday computing and a better experience on the net.

The first article will be published before the 8th of September 2007. This series will be about Internet Security.

Security Guide part 1 logo Secuirty Guide part 2 logoSecurity Guide Part 3 logoSecurity Guide Part 4

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Introduction Post

Welcome to Tech Help Videos. Here, you will be able to find an archive of questions and answers, help videos and demos, life-hacks and much more. You can subscribe to this blog for the latest tips. Remember, we are continually publishing new videos and tips. Stay tuned!

Thank you very much.

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