Bloated Adobe software

October 12, 2007 at 11:25 am Leave a comment

If you have used previous Adobe products, then you will notice a big difference between the old versions and the new versions. It is the size of the software. I just don’t get it. Of course there are new features and functionalities, but I am sure that those extra features won’t be that big. For instance, Adobe Acrobat which is a PDF creator is 1GB. This means that installing on Acrobat will take up 1GB of your hard drive. Of course PCs with a large hard drive will not matter much for those with a hard drive that is less than 80GB, there aren’t much space left for other purposes. Personally, I think this 1GB Adobe acrobat should be reduced to less than half of its current size. A 400MB Acrobat will be more sensible for a wide range of users. Currently, I do not use Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files. What I do is create a word document and then use an online PDF maker to convert the Word document into a PDF file.

This goes the same with other Adobe products. Another example is Photoshop. Let’s compare version 6 with the current CS3. Although there are some new features and better user interface, the size of the application has increased from 100MB to around 300MB. This is a 300% increase!

I understand that Adobe are continually trying to add new features and functionality and better user interface to their products but if you are listening, please try to not bloat your software to a gigantic size where a lot of normal users have to suffer and buy new machines. Please do keep in mind that not all people have new and modern technology!


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