Introduction: Computing in the Clouds

September 26, 2007 at 4:59 am Leave a comment

computing in the couds 1Technology has revolutionized three times more than anything else in the past six years. A couple of years ago, anyone who said ‘the internet is the computer’ must have been mad or at least most of us would consider him/her as mad. But now, it seems that this statement, ‘The Internet is the computer’ is quite true. We do more work online and a lot of more information and data are kept online.

A few examples of computing in the cloud are:

  • Working with your email with a web based email service such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.
  • Creating documents and spreadsheets with an online service such as Google Docs or Zoho.
  • Storing you data on an online server.

Computing in the cloud services can also be called ‘web 2.0 services’. As we do more and more stuff on the net, we become more and more less reliant on desktop applications such as an email client. Also, this may even affect the operating system we use. For example, I could just have a PC with a Linux OS (Ubuntu is free!) and do all my work online. Although some might complain that desktop applications offer much more features compared to a web 2.0 service. But take a look from the other side and you will discover a whole range of benefits. For a detailed article about what is web 2.o, please click HERE

What’s to come: In Part 2, I will list a whole lot of web 2.0 services and briefly talk about what are their uses. And in Part 3, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of web 2.0 services.

computing in the clouds 2computing in the clouds 3


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