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Formatting/Changing line spacing

Question: How do I change or format the line spacing in a Word document?

Answer: (Answer is for Word 2000 and 2003) To re-format or change the line spacing of a document, please do the following:
1) Lick on ‘Format‘ in the top menu 
Click on ‘Paragraph‘ in the drop-down menu.
Under the ‘Indents and Spacing’ tab, go to the ‘Spacing Menu’ and in the ‘Line Spacing‘ drop-down menu click on the spacing interval you would

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Freeware of the week: PeaZip

PeaZip is this week’s freeware pick. It is a file compression, encryption and file split utility. It is very similar to WinRar and WinZip, but PeaZip is FREE!  Although it is not as powerful as WinRar and and Winzip, it should a great little program for normal users.

To download PeaZip, please click HERE

PeaZip 1PeaZip 2PeaZip 3

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Sorry for a week of absence!

I am very sorry for not posting for a week. Also some readers that tried to view this blog in the past week were unable to view it because it was accidentally banned. But now it is recovered and I will try my best to post as much as I can this week.

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Free advertising and promoting your blog!

Question: How can I get free advertising to promote my blog?

Solution: You can get totally free advertising by using a service called ‘Ad GridWork‘. The deal is that you get to advertise your blog on other blogs while you have to publish advertisements on your blog. But you will not get any money for publishing blog ads on your site. This is a great way to exchange blogs and increase your traffic at no cost.

To go to ‘Ad GridWork’ or sign up for the service, please click HERE
Below is what you have to display on your site and how your blog will appear on other blogs and also how the service works. (NOTE: Use ‘Ad GridWork’ only for blogging services that allow you to put ads on your site. WordPress free version does not allow you to put ads)

Ads How it works

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Make the ‘Run Command’ appear on Vista

Question: Where is the ‘Run Command’ in Windows Vista? Also, I want it to appear on the Start Menu permanently.

Solution: Firstly, the ‘Run Command’ is located in the Accessories folder in the Programs Files List.

To make the Run Command to permanently live on the Start Menu, you will have to: 1) Right Click on the Start Menu button and click on Properties. 2) In the Start Menu tab, click on the ‘Customize‘ button. 3)Scroll down the menu and tick the option that says ‘Run Command 4) Then click ‘OK‘ and now the Run Command show appear on your Start Menu permanently.

Customize Start Menu

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Cannot add my webmail account to Outlook Express/Windows Mail

Question: I cannot add my web mail account such as Gmail and Hotmail to Outlook Express in Windows XP or Windows Mail in Vista.

Solution: This is because Microsoft is going to replace both Outlook Express and Windows Mail with a new email client called Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is currently in beta but is available for download. Although in beta, it is quite stable to use. Windows Live Mail has a new and modern user interface while adding bundles of new features and integrates much better with your other Windows Live Services. For a detailed review of Windows Live Mail (beta), please click HERE or for screenshots, please click HERE

To download Windows Live Mail, please click HERE
(Windows Live Mail Update: Microsoft will be rolling out a suite of free software that will include Windows Live Mail)

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Keystroke Launcher for Windows: Launchy

Question/Purpose: I want to instantly access my files (documents, photos, videos, folders, bookmarks, etc) with just 1 or 2 clicks. I don’t want to go through the Start Menu nor Windows Explorer to hunt for a file.

Launchy is a little similar to Engage but is does not tune up your start menu. Launchy hides in the background of your computer and pops-up when you need it. Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes! So you can forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager. Also, Launchy is well designed and looks very modern.

My Rating —- 4 out of 5

To download Launchy, click this link –

Launchy 3Launchy 1launchy 2

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